School Year Enrollment On-Going...Start Your Child's Physical Development Early! 
Gymnastics* Ages 5 & Up Mon - Thurs & Sat

Busy Bunnies      Ages 2- 4, Saturday's

Cheer  Mini Cheer Camps March - May

Team Skills Ville  Travel Team Gymnastics Mon-Wed - Thurs    

*Call or Stop In for Free Skill Assessment 
                         Mon-Thur 5-7pm


- Tumbling & Trampoline Gymnastics classes Mon - Thurs & Saturday's Ages 5 & Up.
  Gymnastics Training is "great training" for all current and future other sports!

- Busy Bunnies Gymnastics Ages 2 - 4 meet Saturday's 10:30am - 11:30am.

- Cheer Gymnastics, Ages 5 & Up...Team & Individual Instruction by appointment.

- Cheer Mini Camps, These are specialized camps to prepare students for up-coming season.

- Tumbling & Trampoline Gymnastics Travel Team...Got Skills?

         Skills Ville host Tryouts the 1st Saturday in June  (1pm.) for the Tumbling & Trampoline                                                       Travel Team...Ages 4 & Up. 
Some experience is necessary, candidates will possess good grades and good work habits. 
                                                 Boys & Girls  Are Invited.