Learning the Right Way the First Time!
              Mark Your Calendar!
   Cheer Gymnastics Trainiing Individual & Team
   Showcase & Fun Meet Saturday Dec 9th, 11am-2pm
                All Are Invited!
   Kick Boxing Aerobics, Tuesday's & Thursday's 7-8pm     High School & College, Self Defense, Inquire Within      BIRTHDAY PARTYS...Book Your Reservation Early!
   Gymnastic Travel Team TRYOUT 1st Saturday in         June, 1PM
- TEAM SPACE RENTAL      (January - March)

  - Adults Get In SHAPE With -
-KICK BOXING & Boot Camp AEROBICS...Adult Fitness Class. Calorie Burning, Body Toning Energizing Workout promoting weight loss and a healthy lifestyle . Tuesday & Thursday  7-8pm....
                                                                 What are YOU waiting for?

- Athletes to Watch (ATW), Core,Speed & Strength training, Ages 8-18 For students in-                    between their sport...8 week sessions Tuesday & Thursday 5-6:30pm.